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mer. 17 avr.


webinar Leash Walk for the PPG

How to enjoy walks on a 6 foot leash? Teaching the dog how to not pull while still enjoying his walk, sniffing, not heeling by our side? *webinaire en Anglais

webinar Leash Walk for the PPG
webinar Leash Walk for the PPG

Temps et Lieux

17 avr. 2024, 14 h 00 – 15 h 30

À propos de l'événement

Many urban dogs are active: Husky mixes, Australian Shepherds, athletic Pitbull types… with limited access to off-leash areas. How can we make the time spent on a 6-foot leash as interesting, stimulating, and pleasant as possible?   I wil be happy to share what resulted from my many attempts to reconcile safety and leash laws with a positive walking relationship in cities and busy suburbs.   The exercises and techniques you will be shown were developed for stray-roaming free dogs adopted into busy cities. Teaching them to adapt to leash walking was critical, but it was also important that they maintained a high quality of life.   Thousands of dog guardians have successfully tried this training approach. So many dogs we come across need to spend time on a leash with their humans, and it is vital they enjoy this time together.

 The webinar will also touch on elements needed to help train past street and/or free-roaming dogs. But don’t overlook that all of this information is pertinent and can be applied to any dogs who spend time on leash walks, large or small. Several concepts we will share also apply to walking on a leash for other species, such as pet pigs, cats, goats, etc.

Learning objectives:

  • Dog guardians  interested in efficient techniques to teach a comfortable leash walk free from pulling.
  • This education will benefit canine professionals working with clients who walk their dogs on leashes.

Th webinar will be live with a question and answer period. it will be recorded.

All registrations need to be done trough the PPG:

  For questions about the content:

See you there,

                                                    Zuzanna(Zuzia) Kubica CDBC & Mishtamek with Zorro and Fleuve

                                                                                                                                             Formation CoeurCanin

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